Healthy eating for families

healthy eating for families Want to start a healthy life in family? Would you like to have more control in feeding your children? The most effective way of achieving this is to install a regime of healthy eating for the whole family.

It all begins at the time of shopping, then to follow a healthy diet, you have first to buy healthy foods and get rid of less healthful foods that can lead you into temptation. Next, you must pay attention to how you cook and how to serve on the board. Here are some tips.

When you go to the market:

Go for fresh fruits, vegetables, unsweetened cereals, lean meats, skim milk and low fat products. And it reduces the shopping list such as cookies, ice cream, sugary foods, potato chips and other snacks that provide calories.

The relationship between diet and height

A balanced diet not only provides good health to our body, but helps develop properly to achieve their best. Studies conducted by several universities of the world confirm the close relationship between diet and height.

diet and height

At present the country with the highest average height of the world is Germany, and while to determine the final height of an individual should take the bone and muscle stimulation that has received it (not have the same height a person who has practiced sports stretching as basketball or volleyball that has practiced football or hockey) has found that in the same country, areas where the diet is poor, the average height is also same.

List of foods high in iron

list of food high in iron If you have anemia or just low in iron pays attention to this list of foods rich in iron that will be of great use to combat these low levels in iron without resorting to drugs.

Eating two or three times a week red meat is a good supply of iron in the body, be aware that abuse can cause cholesterol red meat. Nuts help combat the lack of iron by the intake of vitamin E that is offered, walnuts and almonds are really good and apart contain minerals and proteins.

Shellfish including prawns, shrimps and prawns are recommended. Also, squid, cockles and mussels. And the sardines and anchovies have a contribution of 4 mg of iron per 100 grams of these foods consumed.

Artichokes are rich in iron, fiber and vitamins so its use is also recommended. And the quince is very accessible and gives you a good amount of iron.

Vegetables Properties

vegetables properties All vegetables are very healthy foods; the properties of vegetables turn them into the best foods we can consume. Besides the great variety of vegetables available, they can be prepared with plenty of dishes. To accompany other foods or as main course.

When preparing a salad of various vegetables and supplemented with meat, fish, cheese, pasta, rice or vegetables, you get a balanced meal without nutrient deficiencies. The plant foods in our diet should predominate. Although this is not always so, especially in children.

Some vegetables have high water content; this gives properties particularly useful for weight loss due to the diuretic and purification they possess. The absence of fat and fewer calories contributed by vegetables is another reason why they are ideal foods to maintain body weight and fight obesity. Also is possible to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. This is a good form of prevention for all types of diseases and cardiovascular disorders.

Properties of egg

properties of eggsThe properties of the egg are many, and so it is very necessary and beneficial to their consumption, add calories very healthy and each egg contain only 75 calories.

The properties of eggs from hens depend on food and life that is in it. The best are organic eggs since they are significantly healthier. Each component has different egg.

In the yolk is where you can find most of the components. Here you can find minerals, proteins, lipids and vitamins from the egg. The egg yolk with a deeper color should be the type of food they have received; this is usually pigmented with corn, vegetables and other foods of the hen. It is not true that eggs have a more intense color have had a natural breeding, as has been believed for many years.

The clear however is a protein-saline solution. This is a very viscous and transparent. The nutritional value it has is much smaller than the yolk.