Healing properties of honey

healing properties of honey The bees collect nectar from flowers and then produce the honey, you can say that the healing properties of honey are many and you must seize it. For the properties you own is used as a healing remedy since ancient times, as long it is recognized as an antiseptic, dietetics, sweetener, tonic, sedative, laxative and diuretic.

The honey is a substance that contains a high level of protein and is very healing and this is proven scientifically to be a great source of energy and apart is very effective in fighting heart disease and purifying the body.

It has also been found that the honey is expectorant and healing of the throat, asthma, colds and to increase the body’s defenses is very good to consume a mixture of honey with lemon is also very beneficial to promote digestion, intestinal transit and may come to heal gastrointestinal ulcers.

The properties of tomato and cardiovascular health

tomatoes propertiesDiscuss the benefits of the tomato is a cliche, because a greater or lesser extent we all know what are the virtues of this extraordinary food. In our blog we have reviewed on several occasions, and we know for example that is useful for the digestive system, lowers cholesterol and has a direct benefit on the circulatory system.

In the latter we focus today, as an investigation of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research Laboratory worked with mice, finding that the tomato is very good for blood health.

As say the researchers behind this study, the reduction of bad cholesterol from the blood by the tomato had a direct effect on the health of the mice, which was greatly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Healthy Eating for Good Health

foods for good health

Good nutrition and a balanced diet helps children grow up healthy. Whether your child is a toddler or a teen, you can take steps to improve its nutrition and form good eating habits.

The top five strategies are these:
1. Set a regular time for family meals.
2. Serve a variety of foods and snacks.
3. A good example by following a nutritious diet.
4. Avoid food fights.
5. Involve children in the process.

However, it is not easy to take these measures. Our days are filled with responsibilities, and convenience foods are always handy.
Here are some suggestions to incorporate all five strategies into your routine.