Menopause: Hormone therapy in the form of patches, creams or pills?

Hormone therapy during menopause may be by oral ingestion of tablets. Sometimes help creams or hormone patch.


When hormone therapy in menopause, the hormone absorption via different routes. There is the oral application in the form of capsules or tablets, the use of drops which are dropped under the tongue (sublingual) and the vaginal absorption through vaginal tablets, suppositories, hormone creams or rings. Through the skin (transdermal) Hormones can be taken in the form of gels, creams or patches. In some cases it may also be useful to inject the hormone addition directly into the subcutaneous tissue.

Menopause: Hormone Therapy

Menopause: Hormone TherapyThe production of the hormones in the body to be stabilized during the menopause by hormone therapy.
Hormone therapy has the aim to imitate nature, when the body produces during menopause do not have enough hormones. Then to hormone substitutions lead to compensate the “deficiency”. The natural menstrual cycle should be adjusted here. Initially, estrogen, and often administered for another ten days in the cycle of progestins. If bleeding is inevitable in any case, they offer from the outset in a combination product. The dose of hormones should be as equal to the natural hormone concentration of women, prior to beginning of menopause.

Arguments in favor of hormone therapy during menopause

Many arguments in favor of hormone therapy during menopauseHormone therapy is the most effective form of drug treatment menopause-related complaints. It is recommended primarily when the symptoms are so severe that the quality of life of women is considerably limited. Because controversy is that the hormone therapy for hot flashes and night sweats is extremely effective, and may also help protect against osteoporosis. For hot flashes, which occur in a short period of menopause, hormones are an effective remedy for the complaints. Here, however, taken only over a short period of estrogen and / or progesterone, so that the long-term risks may be neglected. By hormone replacement therapy skills such as memory performance and memory will probably improve, too. In addition, the hormone also has a preventive effect when it is used long term.