Preventing Cancer With Macrobiotics

Preventing Cancer With MacrobioticsMacrobiotic diet is highly controversial and is in its original form even dangerous. But is it possible to prevent cancer macrobiotics?

Since the food boom of the seventies and eighties, macrobiotics is not as widespread, with many people still keep on this diet philosophy. Although this diet is originally from Zen Buddhism, is used by so many people to the term “macrobiotics” from the Greek and means “the doctrine of the great life.” As it’s known it from the Chinese theory of harmony, the philosophy of macrobiotics is also based on the idea that the world consists of two opposite forces: the yin and yang. These opposites attract and complement each other. It is, however, the right balance between two forces to find. Again, it’s also heard from the fact that cancer is preventable with macrobiotics, but what is it about the alternative food and their alleged healing powers?

Alternative Nutrition – Yin and Yang harmonize

Whether vegetarian, ayurvedic diet or macrobiotics – alternative to healthy diet aimed unity of body and mind.

Alternative Nutrition - Yin and Yang harmonizeWhat the farmer does not know that he does not eat, says an old proverb. But another set contains a truth: the townspeople would know what he eats, he would immediately become a farmer. Since the ’60s, the nutritional habits in industrialized countries have worsened dramatically: too much, too rich food, too many calories and lack of essential vitamins and fiber.


There is also a general lack of exercise. The consequence of this: About 65 percent of men and 55 percent of women suffer from obesity. Associated an increased risk goes against cardiovascular disease and some cancers, and also a reduction in quality of life of those affected. All this has led many people to healthier, alternative diets think. The current trend is called “organic” and focuses on products from organic farming, instead of chemicals and artificial additives.