Controlling diabetes naturally

home remedy for diabetes The diabetes is a chronic disease that indicates a disorder in the process by which our body converts food we eat into energy, metabolism. It is a disease that can be controlled with medication and various types of medical and health treatments. But you can also control diabetes naturally with products that Mother Nature offers us in several ways.

One of the medicinal plants that are useful for diabetics is the flower of Jamaica. This plant is used to lower cholesterol, triglycerides, to prevent cardiovascular disease and to control the blood sugar and get a beneficial effect on diabetes.

The medicinal properties of this plant can decrease the absorption of glucose by the intestine, thus avoiding passing blood. It is good to regulate the glucose spikes that can occur after eating.

Other medical foods that can help find them in the avocado and fig trees, which reduce the level of blood sugar, the seaweed that can help overweight, lower cholesterol and improve diabetes in general and chromium picolinate, which helps metabolize blood sugar.

Natural Medicine for Diabetes

natural medicine for diabetes People who suffer from diabetes are well aware that it is a disease that must accompany them for life, but this does not mean you can live with diabetes in the most natural way possible.

The natural medicine for diabetes may be helpful to get used to living with diabetes, as an alternative therapy or we can take some medicinal plants for diabetes as an adjunct to conventional medical treatments.

Home Remedies for Diabetes:

The nettle is a useful plant for diabetics by reducing blood glucose. For this, an infusion prepared with 25 grams of nettle root in a pint of water. Boil a few minutes over low heat and strain.

Among the foods we consume to improve diabetes are the artichokes and sage. The sage wine also acts by lowering blood sugar.

Natural medicine for flu

The flu is caused by various viruses that attack the body especially in the winter, when the defenses are weakest. While many people turn to drugs to relieve symptoms and healing, natural medicine for the flu is just as effective. It also has the advantage of being completely safe as no adverse effects whatsoever.

natural medicine for flu

The best way to combat the flu, like any other disease, is not sick and this is accomplished through prevention. To have very strong defenses recommended healthy eating, physical activity 3 or 4 times a week and keep stress alloy.

A good diet to strengthen the immune system should include foods with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C. Fat intake is important but in moderation. Drink plenty of water is also essential.

Fats and oils in medicinal plants: Panacea fatty acids

To survive, fats and oils are essential. The best of poly-unsaturated fatty acids as they occur for example, in medicinal plants.

Fats are found in all living cells and are important energy storage; especially much information is contained in seeds and fruits. Even for the human body fats and oils are extremely important and must be taken with food to avoid malnutrition. Particularly, healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids of omega 6 and omega 3 series.

The healing powers of nature, medicinal plants

herbs as natural medicineEven in the earliest cultures, people were aware of many medicinal plants and their mode of action. If you want these days has some health problem, one needs only to go to the pharmacy and shall provide the appropriate preparation, the remedy. What today is so easy, was not possible in earlier times and today should not always be necessary. People had to fall back, what they found in the nature of herbs and other plants. There was a broad knowledge about many medicinal plants, their specific applications and formulations, where traditionally from generation to generation were. Even today, the knowledge exists about the nature of the medicine cabinet and you can still many often small sufferings, alleviate or combat with the right plant.