What to eat while breastfeeding

"breast feeding"
During the period of breastfeeding is very important to follow a correct and balanced diet and to ensure appropriate composition of milk ingested by the child, and for the increased energy demands of the mother. However, we must specify that only part of the maternal nutrition affects the health of the infant, as the latter, fortunately, however, has metabolic and hormonal mechanisms able to cope with possible ingestion of harmful components.
The diet is suggested to the mother under these conditions differs slightly from that recommended generally: a Mediterranean diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables to ensure an adequate intake of nutrients. What is to be considered, however, is the increased energy demands of the mother, who must also take into account the energy used to produce milk (about 90 Kcal per 100 g of milk). On a day to get a new mother can also consume 800 kcal to produce milk. These calories need to be replenished adequately.
Simple sugars should be avoided as much as possible as they provide only a surplus of calories without benefits for the production of milk, contrary to the carbohydrate complex (bread, pasta, cereals ..) can be taken regularly. The protein affects only the quantity of milk produced, not the quality and, therefore, should slightly increase their consumption. Very important is to ensure a regular intake of olive oil , as it ensures the presence of fatty acids essential for the lipid component of milk. Even the fish that provide omega-3 is better during lactation.

Milk: From raw milk to H-

several types of milkWhere can I get raw milk and what is the difference between fresh milk and fresh longer? Helpful to clarify.
Milk is not the same as milk – milk from farmers has almost nothing in common with UHT UHT milk to be done. The longer fresh milk is not the same as fresh milk.

Raw and certified milk
Raw milk is to be completely untreated and must be boiled before drinking necessarily, since disease-causing germs are not killed by a heat process. The cooking about to go ten to 30 percent of the lost vitamins, the fat content is between 3.5 and 5 percent. Even in the refrigerator to keep the raw milk is only about two days, it can only be ordered directly from the farmer. In about the same is the preferred milk, but it is in regular stores. Also, it is only about two days if stored. Is the milk for pregnant women, small children or infants thought you should boil the milk before consumption file.