What vitamins and minerals gives the honey bee

Vitamins and minerals in honey. Among the benefits of honey diuretic find it invigorating, healing of wounds, energy, miraculous healing of ulcers and aid in the reproduction of red blood cells. The honey is also recommended for respiratory tract, good digestion, insomnia, circulation, nervous system and burns. Vitamins honey bee: • Vitamin B complex, C,

Cabbage – eat healthy veg in winter

Cabbage - eat healthy veg in winterCruciferous vegetables may provide us in the colder months with vitamins, fiber and minerals.

A healthy and balanced diet is especially important during the cold season. With fruit and vegetables in season, this is also not a problem, but some things to consider. In the winter months, the immune system is particularly stressed. Therefore should be abandoned in no case to fruit and vegetables. But what to eat when most of the common green diet is not available or very long transport routes from the warm countries of production behind it? How about, for example, with cabbage?