Magnet therapy to treat poor blood circulation

The poor blood circulation is an increasingly common problem in people, the principal cause of a large number of diseases, such as diabetes, cancer or stroke, which greatly compromise the health and general welfare.

magnetic field therapy

Therefore, ensure that our healthy blood circulation is very important, so besides a healthy diet and exercise, it is very helpful to have natural therapies such as magnet therapy to improve blood circulation.

How will impair blood circulation?

The blood circulation can be jeopardized by reducing the thickness of the artery by the lag due to the accumulation of fats that eventually attach firmly to the arterial walls and form plaques.

cold and heat therapy

Cold and heat to improve blood circulation

Sports people as well as people who do sport are both susceptible to experiencing muscle injury. The simple fact of running at a bus stop that escapes you can cause that a pull or twist that will make you to maintain the high standing for a couple of days.

cold and heat therapy

If you suffer from a muscle injury you should know that the heat and cold therapy can help you to improve the flow of the affected area. Any type of prescription is not necessary to do so, and the effective use of cold and heat on the affected area will enable a more rapid healing of the injured area.