Yoga is Health

yoga exercise Of the millions of people who practice yoga around the world, no doubt you will all agree that yoga is health. Many have come to yoga, perhaps due to an illness or health problem, on the advice of their doctors, friends or family, or simply because they were drawn and because seeking a healthier lifestyle and natural.

In all cases, the yoga has fulfilled all the expectations of practitioners and more. The yoga surprise to those who start their practice in search of a specific target for their immense wisdom that covers all aspects of physical and emotional. It’s more than a remedy, much more than a natural treatment.

The benefits of yoga for health are many and very effective. In strictly physical tone is achieved and relax the muscles and organs. It also acts on the nervous system, strengthens the body in general, provides strength, power, and flexibility and improves posture. The welfare state is achieved thanks to the yoga seeks to balance the mind and body.

Menopause: Nutrition is important

Women in Menopause nutrition is a mustA balanced, healthy diet helps in menopause to reduce side effects. In addition, sport helps to reduce complaints.

A remedy for symptoms during menopause is a balanced, healthy diet and exercise. The best prior to entering the menopause! Especially on high amounts of salt, coffee, nicotine, alcohol and chocolate should give up. A high consumption of meat and sugar should be avoided. Adequate exercise is a must! Proper nutrition and a balanced fittest attitude make the same amount, so slight depression are rare or even absent.

Avoid stress

Stress should also be avoided as much as possible and relaxation breaks are inserted into everyday life. Especially in the job it is also open to handle the situation, for example, sudden hot flashes do not be too embarrassing. In menopause,

Menopause: depression and mood swings

Menopause: depression and mood swingsSome women develop during menopause and depression because they are no longer attractive, and the fertility is over. Many women suffer in particular around the time of the last bleeding from depression. Generally depression occur in all age groups and in the menopause demonstrably more frequently diagnosed. But in women who generally tend to have depression, the likelihood increases during menopause, more to suffer from mood swings. Often depression can be justified on the grounds that women have the impression not to be very woman and are afraid of losing control over her body. Most in the women’s heads a certain ideal of beauty is anchored, which no longer is considered fulfilled. Through the various physical complaints during menopause, the quality of life are clearly limited. The consequences are lack of motivation and feeling of emptiness.

Headaches or migraines? Don’t ignore migraine!

headaches-and-migraineHeadaches: you know! But would not you have a migraine that ignorant? If the pain that you attribute to stress, fatigue … and you’re scanning with a lot of self-medication reappear more or less regularly, maybe you suffer from migraine. The point with Doctissimo a very common disease and often undiagnosed.

How to distinguish migraine from simple headache?

Migraine is well defined and its diagnosis requires the presence of the following signs:

  • Painful attacks of 4-72 hours between which the symptoms disappear completely;
  • The pain is throbbing, which means that one has the impression that “bat” on a regular basis to the rhythm of the heartbeat, and it dominates one side of the skull;
  • The light and noise increase pain, possibly accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

If you recognize these symptoms, check with your doctor in order to accurately describe the circumstances of the appearance of your seizures, and it offers any special treatment.