healthy vegetables for our bodies

10 healthy vegetables for our bodies

We can get healthy vegetables from cultivated plants, usually in orchards or irrigation, which are consumed as food. This includes green vegetables and legumes (beans and peas). The vegetables include fruits and cereals. The following list is a selection of healthy eating vegetables that are healthier for our bodies.

healthy vegetables for our bodies

1. The Onion

It contains quercetin which is one of the most powerful flavonoids (natural antioxidants). It is rich in vitamins B and C and minerals. Some studies indicate it may help prevent certain cancers. It makes our movement more fluid, regulate blood sugar, kill bacteria and relieve congestion. One cup of chopped onion has 61 calories, 0% fat and 3 grams of fiber.

Vegetables Properties

vegetables properties All vegetables are very healthy foods; the properties of vegetables turn them into the best foods we can consume. Besides the great variety of vegetables available, they can be prepared with plenty of dishes. To accompany other foods or as main course.

When preparing a salad of various vegetables and supplemented with meat, fish, cheese, pasta, rice or vegetables, you get a balanced meal without nutrient deficiencies. The plant foods in our diet should predominate. Although this is not always so, especially in children.

Some vegetables have high water content; this gives properties particularly useful for weight loss due to the diuretic and purification they possess. The absence of fat and fewer calories contributed by vegetables is another reason why they are ideal foods to maintain body weight and fight obesity. Also is possible to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. This is a good form of prevention for all types of diseases and cardiovascular disorders.

Healthy snacking is a contradiction

Healthy snacking is a contradictionWho pays attention to his diet or simply wants to take breaks, usually on the nose. Healthy snacking is allowed but most people have a tendency to eat again on the day of any little thing. Be it a candy bar, salted nuts, rubber insects or gallon of lemonade. The usual suspects in the area of unhealthy snacks are, however, too high in fat and nutritionally usually unnecessary luxuries. It is a rather unsuccessful endeavor to prohibit these goodies completely, unless you are one of the few lucky people with a very strong will. Much more helpful it is in a healthy “snacks” switch, with which one imposes on the body is not burdened with unnecessary and calories, but instead supplies even valuable nutrients.

Preventing Cancer With Macrobiotics

Preventing Cancer With MacrobioticsMacrobiotic diet is highly controversial and is in its original form even dangerous. But is it possible to prevent cancer macrobiotics?

Since the food boom of the seventies and eighties, macrobiotics is not as widespread, with many people still keep on this diet philosophy. Although this diet is originally from Zen Buddhism, is used by so many people to the term “macrobiotics” from the Greek and means “the doctrine of the great life.” As it’s known it from the Chinese theory of harmony, the philosophy of macrobiotics is also based on the idea that the world consists of two opposite forces: the yin and yang. These opposites attract and complement each other. It is, however, the right balance between two forces to find. Again, it’s also heard from the fact that cancer is preventable with macrobiotics, but what is it about the alternative food and their alleged healing powers?

Macrobiotic diet – the balance between Yin and Yang

Macrobiotic dietThe macrobiotic diet is based on two contracting powers, which must be included in this diet in balance.

The macrobiotic diet is based on the idea that the universe consists of two contracting forces: the yin and yang. A happy life is possible only with a balance of two forces. Accordingly, also considered for a healthy diet, and both forces are brought into balance. Many diseases of civilization are due to a backlog of damaging yin.

Yin and Yang – the forces of the universe
To offset the food is assigned to the two forces, the criteria for this classification of both the state as may be the form of preparation of food. Yin stands for the Plant, Light and feminine, while Yang the animal, severity and male embodies. As best as perfectly balanced between yin and yang foods, considers the macrobiotic diet theory whole-grain products. Originally, it was therefore the desire macrobiotic diet, the diet gradually to reduce whole-grain products. This is not practiced anymore.

Healthy eating – because you are what you eat

A healthy diet affects our well-being prevail. It is time to act deliberately – for themselves and for the whole family.

healthy eating

The diet of a person not only has direct effects on his health, it also decides on the general well-being to the appearance. What we eat is reflected not only in the body weight back, but it affects the whole organism. We feel better overall, are more powerful and sporty fiter, the healthier we eat.

Cabbage – eat healthy veg in winter

Cabbage - eat healthy veg in winterCruciferous vegetables may provide us in the colder months with vitamins, fiber and minerals.

A healthy and balanced diet is especially important during the cold season. With fruit and vegetables in season, this is also not a problem, but some things to consider. In the winter months, the immune system is particularly stressed. Therefore should be abandoned in no case to fruit and vegetables. But what to eat when most of the common green diet is not available or very long transport routes from the warm countries of production behind it? How about, for example, with cabbage?

Fresh vegetables: a variety of carrot and the horsegram

Anyone who loves fresh vegetables will certainly have already tried one or the other exotic species.
Of course it is still organic and low-cost, regionally grown, fresh vegetables preferred. But every so often you can brush up his menu with an exotic species. Even more so-called “old” vegetables are grown and rediscovered more. For these grades, the advantage that they (unlike the modern hybrid varieties) can grow from seed without ever again has to buy more new seeds. Moreover, they are not breeding, so they have a high nutrient content.