Vegetarian Nutrition – “Thou shalt not kill”

Vegetarian Nutrition - Thou shalt not killThe vegetarian diet is the complete abandonment of the Fish and meat dishes.

In the vegetarian diet is deliberately avoided meat and fish products. The term itself is derived from the English word “vegetable”, which as much as “herbal” or “vegetables” means. Vegetarians do without but not necessarily to other forms of animal food such as eggs, milk and butter. Only the consumption of fish and meat will be rejected and replaced in some cases by soy products.

Vegan diet, Forms and Health aspects

Vegan diet - by not protect animal rightsVegan diet is above all a way of life. In addition to meat, milk and eggs are also forbidden.

By the term vegan means a stricter form of vegetarianism; While vegetarians give only to the consumption of meat and fish, vegan diet goes so far as to reject all other animal products. These include not only food, such as eggs, milk and various dairy products and animal products from other areas of life. Vegans take for example any clothes, leather, fur, wool or silk. Often the veganism is viewed as a logical conclusion from vegetarianism, for the waiver of eating meat is the first finding, which inevitably leads to the fact that you reject all other animal products.