Cholesterol – lower cholesterol by statins

Cholesterol indicates the fat content in the bloodCholesterol indicates the fat content in the blood. Who wants to lower his cholesterol should look around for appropriate action.
Cholesterol can accumulate in the coronary vessels and burden the heart. A healthy lifestyle keeps the blood lipid levels under control and reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. Now been recognized that cholesterol-lowering agents can reduce the dangerous deposits on the vessel inner walls. To lower cholesterol, you should, however pay attention to your lifestyle.

Goji berries – the happy fruit

Goji berries: Vitamin and nutrient giant The popular goji berry promises to slow the aging process. Their vital force in China has been known for millennia.

The advance of the Goji berry is unstoppable. For years, the juice in America is considered the anti-aging remedy par excellence. In Europe, the Goji berry is becoming increasingly popular. The Goji berry is known in her native China and Tibet as “happy” fruit, because there one is convinced that eating this fruit, put the people in the state of the utmost satisfaction.

Anthroposophic diet – the free will counts

Anthroposophic diet - the free will countsThe Anthroposophical diet based on free will that is lived out here.

The Anthroposophical food is one of those advocates vegetarian diets, eggs and dairy products. It is based on the theories of Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who sought a life in harmony with nature. Similar to the Ayurvedic teachings, Steiner also considered the whole person and as a harmonious unity of body and mind.

In order to achieve a harmony of man with his environment, the diet for Steiner, an important aspect. He places great emphasis on the biological, ecological origin of the main plant foods.