How to consume vitamins

We all know how important the daily intake of vitamins and nutrients for health, beauty and performance of the body. Although many people opt for the consumption of vitamin supplements manufactured in the laboratory that often has little economic cost, there are different foods and different ways to add vitamins and minerals to our diet naturally.

daily intake of vitamins

Do you want to know how? Where to get these vitamins naturally? What they actually do in your body and how to get them properly? Well you’re in the right place, now here we bring you a comprehensive guide to learn how to consume vitamins at the best.

What vitamins and minerals gives the honey bee

Vitamins and minerals in honey. Among the benefits of honey diuretic find it invigorating, healing of wounds, energy, miraculous healing of ulcers and aid in the reproduction of red blood cells. The honey is also recommended for respiratory tract, good digestion, insomnia, circulation, nervous system and burns. Vitamins honey bee: • Vitamin B complex, C,

Special ingredients in fruits and vegetables

Special ingredients in fruits and vegetablesFruits and vegetables contain not only vitamins, so some other ingredient which contributes significantly to their own health.

Vitamins and minerals are important ingredients in our food and it is well known that these can be obtained from plant foods is best. But there are a few more ingredients that make fruit and vegetables so valuable. Some of these phytochemicals, were presented here:


Polyphenols are aromatic compounds and occur as bioactive substances such as dyes or flavors in plants. These substances belong to a group of plant substances to which anti-inflammatory properties are attributed. They also inhibit the growth of tumors and are therefore used as active agents in the treatment of tumors in cancer. They protect, among other things the body from free radicals and prevent fatty deposits in blood vessels. Particularly concentrated, they appear in red vegetables and fruits, thus in radishes, red cabbage, red cherries, eggplant, also in green tea.

Raw vegetables are healthier

Raw vegetables are healthierThis preach many nutrition scientists, for in raw vegetables contain all the vitamins intact.

The vitamin and mineral content in vegetables by cooking, whether cooking or baking, and depending on the temperature, more or less diminished. Therefore, there is the golden rule is that raw fruit and vegetables is much healthier. But such sweeping does this rule again, because healthier is relative. It is true that the higher vitamin content in raw food, but at the same time would be a pure diet of raw vegetables, our digestive weigh heavily, since crude is more difficult to digest.

Healthy eating – because you are what you eat

A healthy diet affects our well-being prevail. It is time to act deliberately – for themselves and for the whole family.

healthy eating

The diet of a person not only has direct effects on his health, it also decides on the general well-being to the appearance. What we eat is reflected not only in the body weight back, but it affects the whole organism. We feel better overall, are more powerful and sporty fiter, the healthier we eat.

Cabbage – eat healthy veg in winter

Cabbage - eat healthy veg in winterCruciferous vegetables may provide us in the colder months with vitamins, fiber and minerals.

A healthy and balanced diet is especially important during the cold season. With fruit and vegetables in season, this is also not a problem, but some things to consider. In the winter months, the immune system is particularly stressed. Therefore should be abandoned in no case to fruit and vegetables. But what to eat when most of the common green diet is not available or very long transport routes from the warm countries of production behind it? How about, for example, with cabbage?

Milk: From raw milk to H-

several types of milkWhere can I get raw milk and what is the difference between fresh milk and fresh longer? Helpful to clarify.
Milk is not the same as milk – milk from farmers has almost nothing in common with UHT UHT milk to be done. The longer fresh milk is not the same as fresh milk.

Raw and certified milk
Raw milk is to be completely untreated and must be boiled before drinking necessarily, since disease-causing germs are not killed by a heat process. The cooking about to go ten to 30 percent of the lost vitamins, the fat content is between 3.5 and 5 percent. Even in the refrigerator to keep the raw milk is only about two days, it can only be ordered directly from the farmer. In about the same is the preferred milk, but it is in regular stores. Also, it is only about two days if stored. Is the milk for pregnant women, small children or infants thought you should boil the milk before consumption file.