Amazing ideas to lose weight

You know the traditional ways and not-so-fun-of slimming: you have to eat healthy and exercise. Those are the main formulas. However, there are many ideas to lose weight that can help us to lose those extra kilos in ways you might not imagine.


Professionals from different universities of the world have proven the effectiveness of some weight loss foods and dietary habits, you probably never would have thought to include in a light menu. These are some tricks for weight loss that will surprise you.

Eating chocolate

Yes! You read right! It is good to include a bit of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants in diet. According to researchers at the University of California at San Diego, people who consume some chocolate often tend to be thinner than those who never consumed. Of course, should be in moderation: eat three chocolate bars a day will not help you lose weight, obviously.

Pilates for weight loss

The method of exercise Pilates has many benefits. It’s great for strengthening the entire body, improves overall fitness and weight loss.


The exercises of Pilates for weight loss are varied, some you can do at home without assistance of any item, but there are many others that can only be practiced in a Pilates center where exists special Pilates equipment.

All exercises of Pilates to lose weight are recommended to supplement a diet and to lose weight quickly. When you went ahead and started a diet to lose weight, you may feel that some parts of the body lose firmness.

Organic food – eating healthier and help the environment

Organic food - eating healthier and help the environmentThe organic trend is not to overlook everything in the supermarket. More and more people are eating healthier now and have access to organic foods.

Organic foods have the advantage over conventionally grown products from many advantages. Their production is not only acceptable for the environment but also healthier by their lower content of pollutants and pesticides for humans. Apart from health criteria are above all socio-political aspects that more and more people use food grown organically.

The benefit of a good conscience in the minds of many people has moved. Therefore, the demand growing (only after fruits vegetables and meat) from organic farms steadily. His finished soup can be bought in the meantime Bioformat.

Weight loss: basic tips

If you’re willing to get rid of those annoying extra kilos and do not know where to start, we recommend you follow these basic tips to lose weight without much effort.


Forget counting calories, the advice you offer enough to make you feel lighter and get slim in a safe and progressive.

Balanced Breakfast

Forget about leaving home with just a coffee. Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day for the body, so it must be abundant and complete.

Includes fresh fruit, cereals and breads and low fat protein like turkey breast, lean ham, cheese, nonfat yogurt or derived from soybeans.

If You Eat Out…

Do not worry if you eat out, avoid if possible sauces and moderate consumption of bread.

Commitment to working with salads and vegetables for the main course. For the latter, lean meats and fish cooked on the grill or barbecue will be your best choice. For dessert, fruit, yogurt or just a refreshing infusion.

When Comes Home…

The most recommended ways of cooking and must get used are boiled, grilled, grill, griddle, steam and oven. Ideally, the foods are prepared in their own juices, if necessary with a drizzle of olive oil.

4 tips to lose weight without starving

When the last thing you want is to stick to a diet and set menus, but the pant tells you that you have to take care a little more, it is recommended you follow these simple tips that will facilitate weight loss and healthy way without starving.


Five meals a day

Be sure to five meals a day and not skip any breakfast, midmorning, lunch, snack and dinner.

Remember that lunch and dinner should be slightly higher than the rest in quantity, and more copious breakfast than usual.

Come all

Come all, no food allowed. Of course, you must remove the chips, sauces and pastries industrial refined.

Choose the simplest ways of cooking: grilled, baked, steamed … Increase consumption of fresh vegetables and legumes. Prioritize healthy protein sources like eggs, fish and lean meats.

Substitute whole milk for skim versions.