10 effective tips to lose weight

Maintain weight may not always be right easy, but there are different ways of doing and every week you may learn new tricks to lose weight. But what are really effective?

tips to lose weight

Here some effective ways that are worth trying and which are simply the best. Without further ado, go on 10 more effective tips for weight loss.

1. Avoid drinks with corn syrup

The corn syrup is a liquid sweetener found in many drinks, sodas and soft drinks. It has very high content of fructose, which is often used to artificially sweetened foods and can be found naturally in many fruits and other foods such as honey.

Tips to avoid fluctuations in weight

fluctuations-in-weightAll the women hate to have ups and downs with weight. Besides that is not good for either your health or your body, which is filled with unsightly marks. The ups and downs of weight is something that is very common in most women but all the dislike greatly.

These fluctuations in weight often occur because you have emotional lows and that’s why you eat more, too careless lunchtime (this usually happens especially on holidays), or sometimes happens that fatter for having a disease that makes you fat.

It is recommended that wherever possible you care all year to not have these ups and downs of weight, since they are very harmful in every way. To prevent this from happening to you here are some tips for you so that you can consider:

  • Good breakfast, because if you do get used to your body to burn more calories and thus will continue to work throughout the day. Stay calm to consume fewer calories at breakfast diet will cost more because your body will burn fewer calories.

Reach your ideal weight and keep getting

You know, maybe you’re striving to reach an unrealistic weight? A weight that you belong? Wondering what your ideal weight?


Forget the goal weigh is the same as when you were a teenager or your wedding day, because the optimal weight loss, reaching a real weight, healthy and can sustain over time, is that you must fight for.

How to achieve it

If you are overweight, losing 10% of your weight can be relatively straightforward to improve your health and blood, reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease risk, as well as to maintain the loss over time without much effort.

The body has a stable point in keeping the weight in the range of 10-20%, reduce 10% of your weight and keep it for at least 6 months will lose that point.

Weight loss: basic tips

If you’re willing to get rid of those annoying extra kilos and do not know where to start, we recommend you follow these basic tips to lose weight without much effort.


Forget counting calories, the advice you offer enough to make you feel lighter and get slim in a safe and progressive.

Balanced Breakfast

Forget about leaving home with just a coffee. Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day for the body, so it must be abundant and complete.

Includes fresh fruit, cereals and breads and low fat protein like turkey breast, lean ham, cheese, nonfat yogurt or derived from soybeans.

If You Eat Out…

Do not worry if you eat out, avoid if possible sauces and moderate consumption of bread.

Commitment to working with salads and vegetables for the main course. For the latter, lean meats and fish cooked on the grill or barbecue will be your best choice. For dessert, fruit, yogurt or just a refreshing infusion.

When Comes Home…

The most recommended ways of cooking and must get used are boiled, grilled, grill, griddle, steam and oven. Ideally, the foods are prepared in their own juices, if necessary with a drizzle of olive oil.