How to relieve severe menstrual pain

relieve from menstrual pain The cramps vary for every woman. Some are lucky not to suffer them. Others, however, may suffer deep and unbearable discomfort because of their menstrual cycle, to the point that in some cases can cause fainting. Are you one of them, you’ll want to know how to relieve severe menstrual pain for your period to be more tolerable right.

Here are the solutions for those days of the month so that it will not be a torture for you.

Consume relieve pain relievers that contain ibuprofen or naproxen comes just feel you pain. It will help to calm and prevent more severe pain during the day. Yes, always consume them with a full stomach, or at least having eaten a little, to prevent stomach upset.

Exercise regularly: Take a walk, run, go to the gym, and play sports. A little physical activity every day helps to reduce the intensity of menstrual pain.

Taking birth control pills: They help regulate the menstrual cycle, making periods shorter and less painful. Anyway, before taking consult with your gynecologist.

Menopause: Nutrition is important

Women in Menopause nutrition is a mustA balanced, healthy diet helps in menopause to reduce side effects. In addition, sport helps to reduce complaints.

A remedy for symptoms during menopause is a balanced, healthy diet and exercise. The best prior to entering the menopause! Especially on high amounts of salt, coffee, nicotine, alcohol and chocolate should give up. A high consumption of meat and sugar should be avoided. Adequate exercise is a must! Proper nutrition and a balanced fittest attitude make the same amount, so slight depression are rare or even absent.

Avoid stress

Stress should also be avoided as much as possible and relaxation breaks are inserted into everyday life. Especially in the job it is also open to handle the situation, for example, sudden hot flashes do not be too embarrassing. In menopause,

Hormone therapy in menopause: Injection

Hormone therapy in menopause: InjectionSometimes the hormone product also injected into muscle tissue. It is possible to inject hormones in the hormone therapy for menopause in the buttocks and upper arm muscle. In the subcutaneous tissue are the hormones stored and the injected estrogen occur continuously in the bloodstream. The hormone injection is set every four weeks. One problem with this method, the dosage is a once injected hormone levels can not be removed as in ointments and sprays. Only after the testing with other forms of administration, a hormone injection is recommended. Advantage can also be long-lasting effect of a hormone injection.

Menopause: Hormone Therapy

Menopause: Hormone TherapyThe production of the hormones in the body to be stabilized during the menopause by hormone therapy.
Hormone therapy has the aim to imitate nature, when the body produces during menopause do not have enough hormones. Then to hormone substitutions lead to compensate the “deficiency”. The natural menstrual cycle should be adjusted here. Initially, estrogen, and often administered for another ten days in the cycle of progestins. If bleeding is inevitable in any case, they offer from the outset in a combination product. The dose of hormones should be as equal to the natural hormone concentration of women, prior to beginning of menopause.

Hormones and Menopause

Estrogens and progestins are the female sex hormonesEstrogens and progestins are the female sex hormones. Through menopause change concentration and mode of action of hormones.

The sex hormones are used for development of male and female sexual characteristics, growth, physical and psychological maturation, and reproduction. These include, nucleation, pregnancy and milk production. Sex hormones are produced by both sexes, but in different proportions. The male sex hormones are grouped into the androgens, including testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. However, androgens are also produced in the ovaries and the adrenal glands of women. The main estrogen is 17-β-estradiol, while progesterone is an important hormone progesterone.

The course of the menopause

The course of menopause can be divided into different phases. Each of them is characterized by typical changes.

women menopause

During the menopause, hormone production gradually decreases in the ovaries. This can be described as a hormone withdrawal. The endometrium becomes increasingly thinner. The ovaries are changing and no longer produce as many follicles, so that an ovulating more frequently. The hormonal control center in the brain responds to the low estrogen and progesterone concentration in the blood and then pour more of hormones, which are intended to stimulate the production of sex hormones in the ovaries. Since the ovaries increasingly tired and always make less estrogen and progesterone, soon there can be a hormonal imbalance. Consequently, the body must find a new equilibrium. This process takes about five to ten years and describes the menopause.

Tips to avoid fluctuations in weight

fluctuations-in-weightAll the women hate to have ups and downs with weight. Besides that is not good for either your health or your body, which is filled with unsightly marks. The ups and downs of weight is something that is very common in most women but all the dislike greatly.

These fluctuations in weight often occur because you have emotional lows and that’s why you eat more, too careless lunchtime (this usually happens especially on holidays), or sometimes happens that fatter for having a disease that makes you fat.

It is recommended that wherever possible you care all year to not have these ups and downs of weight, since they are very harmful in every way. To prevent this from happening to you here are some tips for you so that you can consider:

  • Good breakfast, because if you do get used to your body to burn more calories and thus will continue to work throughout the day. Stay calm to consume fewer calories at breakfast diet will cost more because your body will burn fewer calories.

Bleeding, menstrual and menstrual disorders

Bleeding, menstrual and menstrual disordersMost common cause of vaginal bleeding is menstruation – a recurring bleeding during the time of the sexually mature woman. Outside of menstruation is the most common cause of vaginal bleeding, a menstrual disorder due to menstrual irregularities.

Pregnant and bleeding?

If the bleeding during a pregnancy but one, it shows the timing and intensity of bleeding, whether it may be a dangerous sign is. A doctor visit is useful in any case.

A slight spotting at the time of implantation is harmless, while bleeding should be immediately clarified in a stronger, whether it is a harmless or a need of treatment is bleeding, which may indicate a miscarriage is.

Choose the sport that suits you!

women-exerciseShy, lazy, stressed, sociable … There is an appropriate activity to your personality      and needs, in short, an exercise that will prevent you and leave it to the first exchange. Want to know what is yours?

As every earlier this year, it’s back to the gym or in sports to lower again this Christmas nougat.

There is a sport suited to the personality of each and the times we are experiencing in our lives. Now, you can combine several exercises and activities at once.

Stressed, Anxious, Nervous…

We live in a society where speed is the dominant trend. So if you’re really going through a time of stress, sports in general will help you feel better, but maybe you should start with attractive activities such as yoga or tai chi, we offer total relaxation and come back really renewed and more calm to the daily chores.

Moreover, sports fashion, the style military, boxing or kick boxing to download extremely adrenaline and stress and keeps your body in shape, in addition to losing many kilocalories per session.