How to relieve severe menstrual pain

relieve from menstrual pain The cramps vary for every woman. Some are lucky not to suffer them. Others, however, may suffer deep and unbearable discomfort because of their menstrual cycle, to the point that in some cases can cause fainting. Are you one of them, you’ll want to know how to relieve severe menstrual pain for your period to be more tolerable right.

Here are the solutions for those days of the month so that it will not be a torture for you.

Consume relieve pain relievers that contain ibuprofen or naproxen comes just feel you pain. It will help to calm and prevent more severe pain during the day. Yes, always consume them with a full stomach, or at least having eaten a little, to prevent stomach upset.

Exercise regularly: Take a walk, run, go to the gym, and play sports. A little physical activity every day helps to reduce the intensity of menstrual pain.

Taking birth control pills: They help regulate the menstrual cycle, making periods shorter and less painful. Anyway, before taking consult with your gynecologist.

premenstrual syndrome

Ending with premenstrual syndrome

There are times when PMS interferes with daily activities, not knowing the best way to control it. It is the advice for you to have a healthy lifestyle to end those annoying symptoms.

premenstrual syndrome

Here are some tips for you to consider. In the days before your period it is the advice for you to consume healthy foods that do not harm your body, prevents excess meat, salt, sugar, cheese, nuts, alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods. Try to eat in these days before a soft food such as salads and vegetables.

Hormones and Menopause

Estrogens and progestins are the female sex hormonesEstrogens and progestins are the female sex hormones. Through menopause change concentration and mode of action of hormones.

The sex hormones are used for development of male and female sexual characteristics, growth, physical and psychological maturation, and reproduction. These include, nucleation, pregnancy and milk production. Sex hormones are produced by both sexes, but in different proportions. The male sex hormones are grouped into the androgens, including testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. However, androgens are also produced in the ovaries and the adrenal glands of women. The main estrogen is 17-β-estradiol, while progesterone is an important hormone progesterone.

What minerals should consume by women

women-mineralsIt is important to understand that our body uses a large amount of nutrients daily. Some of them are essential minerals that women can maintain proper health.

Here are some tips to know which are essential minerals for use by women, to start adding to your diet especially. The most important are iron and calcium, having situations where women require an extra dose of these two minerals.

In cases of women who have menstrual bleeding abundant, requires the use of more quantity of iron to prevent anemia. Calcium is important to be consumed regularly throughout life and that over the years, the lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis or softening.

You can acquire iron in meat, liver, nuts, whole grains and green leafy vegetables. It is essential to consume at least 15 milligrams per day for women who have not attained 50 years and then are 10 milligrams per day. Consuming iron feel more agile and without anemia.

Bleeding, menstrual and menstrual disorders

Bleeding, menstrual and menstrual disordersMost common cause of vaginal bleeding is menstruation – a recurring bleeding during the time of the sexually mature woman. Outside of menstruation is the most common cause of vaginal bleeding, a menstrual disorder due to menstrual irregularities.

Pregnant and bleeding?

If the bleeding during a pregnancy but one, it shows the timing and intensity of bleeding, whether it may be a dangerous sign is. A doctor visit is useful in any case.

A slight spotting at the time of implantation is harmless, while bleeding should be immediately clarified in a stronger, whether it is a harmless or a need of treatment is bleeding, which may indicate a miscarriage is.

Dermatophyte and fungal diseases of the skin

fungal diseasesThe dermatophytes are a special group of fungi that have a growth in the skin, hair and nails in customized and specialized. Their special features with enzymes such as keratinases, elastases and collagenases it able to dissolve the proteins and structures in the human skin to settle and thus cause infection. The infections usually remain localized, so the typical diseases are named after the infected body. An infection by dermatophytes is known medically as “Tinea”. After the body regions such as Tinea pedis (foot), Tinea manuum (hand), tinea capitis (head), tinea corporis (upper body), tinea barbae (beard) and tinea faciei (face) distinction. The best known form is probably the athlete’s foot. A large European study (Achilles Project) to follow around a quarter of German suffering at least temporarily, from athlete’s foot. One in seven has an infection of the nails (tinea unguium or onychomycosis) on.

Milk: From raw milk to H-

several types of milkWhere can I get raw milk and what is the difference between fresh milk and fresh longer? Helpful to clarify.
Milk is not the same as milk – milk from farmers has almost nothing in common with UHT UHT milk to be done. The longer fresh milk is not the same as fresh milk.

Raw and certified milk
Raw milk is to be completely untreated and must be boiled before drinking necessarily, since disease-causing germs are not killed by a heat process. The cooking about to go ten to 30 percent of the lost vitamins, the fat content is between 3.5 and 5 percent. Even in the refrigerator to keep the raw milk is only about two days, it can only be ordered directly from the farmer. In about the same is the preferred milk, but it is in regular stores. Also, it is only about two days if stored. Is the milk for pregnant women, small children or infants thought you should boil the milk before consumption file.

A new type of Yoga: Bikram Yoga

If you are looking to practice other physical activity that allows you to be in harmony with yourself, it is recommended Bikram Yoga which is a Yoga very physical exercise consisting of a series of 26 postures or asanas but with a particularity: it takes place in a room that is between 40 and 43 degrees of temperature and a very high degree of humidity. To get an idea, would like to practice yoga in a sauna.

bikram yoga

This type of Yoga is based on the Physical Yoga or Hatha Yoga but is limited to 26 positions (some standing and others of land) which are the average people can perform. The Bikram Yoga sessions last 90 minutes. Each of the postures or asanas treat different parts of the body including also our internal organs (cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, etc.).. It works so that each posture serves as preparation for the next position and each is performed twice.

The benefits of Bikram yoga are many, and especially that enhance self-control, concentration and control of our own body. To perform, there are no limitations or contraindications. Although the person who is not going to make flexible, flexibility and mastery of each position will be coming to practice.

How to prevent stretch marks

Most women over a lifetime go through situations that can cause stretch marks, such as pregnancy, dramatic weight changes, among other things. However, it is possible to get rid of them and, because of this, which then will give you some tips to prevent stretch marks.


Stretch marks go through different stages. At first, linear lesions appear as shades of pink-purple, slightly over-high and swollen. Over time, become pearl colored or white, becoming slightly deepen the appearance of wrinkles. The origin and development of stretch marks is related to changes in the skin structures that provide capacity for tension and elasticity.

Be prevented, but for this it is necessary to follow certain behaviors. Good hydration is essential to help maintain the skin elastic structure; it is advisable drink two liters of water a day, minimum.

Carry an adequate and balanced daily diet is also crucial: we must incorporate foods with vitamins C, B, E and minerals like zinc and copper (whole grain cereals, cocoa, liver, kidney, legumes, nuts, etc…) And silicon (chickpeas, pumpkin, yeast, wheat bread, etc.) that stimulate collagen production.