famous black cohosh
The black cohosh is a popular herbal remedy for many centuries. Even with discomfort during menopause it can help.

The black cohosh is an herb that has long been applied for centuries. It is often recommended for symptoms during menopause because it has estrogen-like effect. For drugs, the rootstock is used with roots. The most effective ingredients are flavonoids, phenolic acids and triterpene glycoside. Particularly in the event of autonomic nervous symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia and nervousness exercises taking Black Cohosh preparations favorable effects. In addition, they can compensate for changes in the skin and mucous membranes. Contained in the plant Cimicifugin than nerve agent use in depression and joint problems. The black cohosh does not affect uterine or breast tissue so that an increased cancer risk does not exist. The herb is administered as drops or tablets. As a side effect stomach upset may be mentioned.
Black Cohosh preparations are also to enjoy with caution, since a high amount can affect liver injury.

If you experience while taking black cohosh certain symptoms, such as the yellowing of the skin, very dark urine, nausea and appetite loss, consult a doctor immediately.