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The menopause of women are a crucial change. They mean the end of fertility and are associated with many consequences.
Previously, the menopause was a sign of the approaching end of life. Today, women spend about one-third of her life in and after this phase. From the 40th Age may experience the first symptoms of menopause.

The symptoms
During the menopause will change the entire hormonal balance in women. The female body produces less and less sex hormones, the change in hormone levels can extend over ten years. This is accompanied by a series of adverse changes in the body and the soul. Usually is not the absence of menstruation for women, the unpleasant side effect of hormonal changes. Symptoms such as concentration and sleep disturbances, hot flashes and weight changes, some of the disturbing side effects. These fears are not to be attractive and that the youth is finally over. During menopause, women located in a physical change, which will be addressed once physical and psychological needs. About two thirds of women suffer from mild to severe menopausal symptoms, while only one-third not affected at this stage feels.

One need not suffer
Aim of medicine and alternative medicine is to alleviate the menopause-related symptoms to make the woman’s entry into the second half of life as comfortable as possible. The woman at the ripe old age suffer must not, there are a number of ways to enjoy this phase and to use successfully for themselves. The menopause can also just take a nice additional section of life.

But what exactly changes during the menopausal women as it comes to the possible symptoms? And how can a woman take action against complaints?