Here are some tips for you to consider when it comes to weight loss; this is the opportunity to take them into account, following these guidelines which will help you keep fit. Please note, these tips should always be borne in mind.

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Try to start the day hydrated. To start the day drink a glass of water with the juice of half lemon will help to eliminate toxins and is diuretic.

When dining take proteins. First, eat a good salad and then a little fish or meat on the grill, you bring the two proteins and cause the metabolism to assimilate launch.

Dinner at the right time. As the hours go by, your metabolism slows down and tends to store fat. So best dinner between 8 and 9 at night and let a couple of hours from dinner until bedtime for the body time to burn some of the calories you’ve ingested.

Avoid salt. Remember that salt promotes water retention. To make it more appetizing food instead uses seasonings such as herbs, or other seasonings.

Eat vegetables every day, at least one serving raw in salads.

Eat two pieces of fruit a day, preferably one is a citrus, tangerine, orange, etc.

Include in your diet foods high in fiber. The reasons: it increases the feeling of satiety, making a person feel full for longer.

Take herbal teas. They do not provide even a calorie and instead, its benefits for the body are many, for instance, have diuretic effects as green tea or red tea, known as fat burning. So, avoid other foods with more calories.