yoga exercise Of the millions of people who practice yoga around the world, no doubt you will all agree that yoga is health. Many have come to yoga, perhaps due to an illness or health problem, on the advice of their doctors, friends or family, or simply because they were drawn and because seeking a healthier lifestyle and natural.

In all cases, the yoga has fulfilled all the expectations of practitioners and more. The yoga surprise to those who start their practice in search of a specific target for their immense wisdom that covers all aspects of physical and emotional. It’s more than a remedy, much more than a natural treatment.

The benefits of yoga for health are many and very effective. In strictly physical tone is achieved and relax the muscles and organs. It also acts on the nervous system, strengthens the body in general, provides strength, power, and flexibility and improves posture. The welfare state is achieved thanks to the yoga seeks to balance the mind and body.

This is a great prevention tool against many diseases and health conditions. It improves circulation and overall functioning of the human body in general.

But perhaps the biggest benefits of yoga have to do with the psychological and emotional. The nervous system is strengthened and this allows better management of stress and tension. There is nothing better than yoga to beat stress, lowers blood pressure and improve heart function.

Emotional learning involves yoga leads to progressive relaxation of the individual, which is very good not only for stress, but also for all types of emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.